Purveyors of Precious Wines & Spirits
An explorer and enthusiast of World Wines and Spirits, Pintail specialises
in non-Scotch spirits & funky wine cask ‘finished’ Scotch Whiskies.

The original PINTAIL, named after the dabbling duck with its distinctive pointed tail feathers, was first bottled and distributed by Perth-based wines and spirits merchant, Matthew Gloag & Son, in 1931.

The label has been resurrected in all its original glory, including the ‘duck in flight’ icon for the bottling of a variety of premium libations.

We combine our expertise in selecting the right Scotch Whisky distillate for the right style of sweet cask with our curiosity for flavour exploration to bring the most sumptuous, complex Single Malts to market – many of them industry-first ‘finishes’ or secondary maturations.

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