Appearance: Bright gold.
Nose: Creamy and delicate with hints of vanilla custard, apple juice, pear drops, Galia melon, shortbread, marzipan.
Palate: Warm apple tarte tatin, lemon sherbet, jasmine blossom.
Finish: A warming note of white pepper with lasting almond oil and sweet apple butter pastries.

Girvan Single Grain Scotch Whisky


This Single Grain Scotch Whisky was distilled and filled into a re-fill barrel at Girvan Distillery in Ayrshire in 2006 and bottled at 53.7% after spending a period of secondary maturation in a French oak cask which previously held the highly-prized apple brandy of the Brittany region, Fine Bretagne. We nurtured this very special whisky through the ageing process, checking the quality of the liquid on a regular basis and bottling at just the right point. Not too much, not too little character from the wood.

The apple brandy has seasoned the oak to deliver a ‘finish’ of tarte tatin and crème anglaise, jasmine blossom, lemon sherbet, almond oil and marzipan.

Only 256 bottles produced from one cask no. 4021.

The Distillate
Distillery: Girvan
Region: Lowland
Style: Multi-column distillation, gives the whisky its spirity vibrancy and light and delicate fruity character.

Primary Maturation
American Oak ex-Bourbon Barrel
A gentle cask for the majority of the maturation period imparts some of the toastier, oaky aspects over time.

Secondary ageing/finish
Fine Bretagne
Region: Brittany, France
Type: Apple Brandy
Style: Floral notes with stewed apples. Vivacious and fruity with great depth.